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Full Version: 1/26/12 - Small update
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When I decided to allow 4 accounts per IP I knew some people wouldn't use them for family members and would instead use them for multi's. I've said before I'm not thrilled about it, but its not against TS rules. It wasn't the point of 4 accounts, but we knew it would happen.

During beta we have found that users have been abusing the reset driver option. Resetting their multiple drivers in order to complete contracts faster and not get penalties. Due to this we have implemented the following change:

All accounts starting immediately, can only be reset once every 7 days.

If we find we need to be more harsh (no resetting fatigue, or limiting time before you can join a company) we will do so.

I'm sorry for those of you who are not abusing the system but this was getting out of hand. As for the big update we are promising you will hear more about it soon.

Thanks Jeff Big Grin now the game will get fun
Good job Jefffan24!
Thanks jeff. You rule!!!!! Now we can show VIP ELITE is the best. Like I said we don't cheat...just perfect. Lmao Tongue
Thanks for speedy cure too!
Good job, Jeff! Fair play or no play!
Remember that we are still in a testing mode. Things like this will be discovered, as will cures.

As to ranking, we don't have a ranking system. We have a list of all companies sorted by money. Being at the top of it doesn't make a company number anything, it simply puts them at the top of a list.

I would encourage players discovering any type of exploit to report them immediately, but privately to keep it from being used by others.
I would also remind everyone that with multiple accounts allowed you most likely have a spy from one or more of your competitors in your company so if you don't want to get caught, don't cheat.
Thats messed up. At least we got our 62 complete legally.
Thanks Jeff, Hadn't the slightest clue this was going on, but it makes sense.... i'm surprised I haven't thought of it XD jp
Some people always like to cheat to get ahead of everyone when they can. I don't think 4 accounts is need myself.
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