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Full Version: New Users Channel Recruiting Guidelines
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1. Recruiting is allowed on the New Users Channel.

2. All original CB usage rules apply.

3. One post per company is allowed after every 12 entries on the channel. Company means company as a whole. Company members may not post a recruiting message if another members message appears within the 12 entry limit. Entries means posts by others since your last recruiting message.

4. Posts should be limited to maximum characters allowed per post. Messages of maximum character length will wrap and not be considered multiple entries.

5. Recruiting messages may include current contract info ie.. Pay per mile. Completed route message displayed by truckingsim may be copied and pasted. These will be considered recruiting messages and as such count towards the one entry every 12 entry total.

CEO's should make sure that the company is aware of these rules.

Individual users who fail to abide by these rules will face a loss of CB privileges as for any other CB offence.
If a company routinely ignores these rules the entire company may be banned from recruiting on the New Users channel.
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