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Full Version: 27/12/2013 - Update
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This is the first update you have gotten in a while and I'm sorry about that but I have just been slammed at work. Actually slammed isn't even a strong enough word, if you can think of something stronger put it there and that's where I'm at.

However, the projects I was/am working on have all been delivered before we broke for Christmas so I'm hoping I will have more time starting in Jan (you know, normal full time hours), and with that I'm really hoping to put more time into TS.

Also I believe in a previous update I said my main computer was broke, well that is all fixed and good now, finally.

First off let me put this up here incase everyone doesn't want to read the wall of text below:

What I need from you guys
I need an image person to make our 2014 and prestige truck images. Its not hard (according to people who have done it) but it is tedious and requires photoshop/something-like-that to do it. If you think you are up to the task (masking/transparencies are used) then send me a PM on the forums with your skills and how much time you would be willing to put into this. Like I said its really tedious to do.

Ok so now, let me give you an idea where I'm at right now:

I've fixed just about every bug with companies that we have now, but I'm sure I introduced new ones. I'm almost finished with that page its a total re-write (the first time for that page since it was first made). The initial load before you see anything may be slower, but overall the page should load quicker now.

I was also able to get rid of some extra pages like purchasing/selling/downgrading terminals all now happen through modals rather than pages.

My Driver
The profile page is done and view stuff for prestige is done. As well as the database storage for prestige stuff (like levels and xp) but the actual action of prestiging is not done yet. I also need to add back the garage and ledger after rewrites to clean them up (specifically the garage needed some TLC).

Route Display
I've got the route display almost done, including a working GPS. The only thing left is the repair modal (which is what is keeping me from the garage), it kind of sucks from a programming standpoint. So I keep putting it off to do other things.

I haven't touched these but they will be getting a full re-write with this update. I've learned a lot about javascript since writing that page initially and I'm pretty sure just starting from scratch and re-doing is the easiest way to fix the problems on there. We'll at least start from a good code base if it doesn't fix them.

Part of the reason we are re-writing the game is due to the code base becoming a complete and utter mess. This is improving but still has a lot of work to be done. Part of the work is natural as we get stuff done (create new pages/re-write stuff and it goes in the right place), part of it we just need to sit down and do (files that never get called directly from the site but still need work), etc...

This is one of the many backend things Integer is helping me with.

Other updates - Warning geek speak in this section you have been warned
Before I start back any more work on it I'm going to move the project into a better version control system (Mercurial to Git for those who are curious). This is something that will speed up my work with it because I know Git infinitely times better than Mercurial. I also will feel better if something bad happens because I know how to actually fix stuff in Git.

I also have the site running on a vagrant box that is as identical to the production server as I can get it at the moment. This is good for preventing bugs down the road, I just need to clean this up a bit before Integer switches over to it.

I have no date I can give and say this will be done at this date. Its just not possible because I have no clue how much time myself or Integer will have but rest assured that you haven't been forgotten and we still have plans to work on the game. As long as you guys are playing it (which you still are, we had 1.2 million pageviews in the last 30 days/almost 15 million in the last year), then I will leave the game up and continue to work on it.

Truckingsim is not going anywhere!
Coolness Smile.
Thanks for the update. It helps to keep the moral up when everyone knows that it is been worked on.
Thanks for the update Jeff!
Thank you so much for all your hard work. It is appreciated.
Thanks for the update Smile
Awesome Jeffan!! Thanks for the update. Smile
Great news! Thanks for the update Jeff
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