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The plan for Truckingsim's future
06-20-2017, 04:00 PM
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RE: The plan for Truckingsim's future
(06-20-2017 04:59 AM)Norman Wrote:  It was intended that new trucks would be added each year, but even something this simple has slipped with the lack of developer time. You have to consider how interested you will still be in maintaining the game in X year's time after the initial recoding is done. In the intended truck addition new trucks would be added with slightly improved stats while the rest would be aged by one year and the cheapest few would be removed from the default list, but still available via the prestige system (which was never added).
I think maintaining the game in X year's time should be no problem. I'm used to make life as easy as possible, that's the reason why i want to build a cms system behind the site (okay, it takes time to build, but it makes life really easy). Let's take a truck for example. I want to add a truck with it's complete lifespan with it. So the truck shows up at date X, stats changes every year and the truck disappears after x years, automatically. That means, adding a truck is a one-time job of a couple minutes and it can be done months before date X. Ofcourse it will be possible to change stats when needed.
And another big advantage of a cms: i'm able to give access to someone else with the rights to add and edit trucks.

(06-20-2017 04:59 AM)Norman Wrote:  Well you can already earn money and xp by driving, unless you mean in some new extra ways?
Money and xp stays the same. I'll add points.

(06-20-2017 04:59 AM)Norman Wrote:  What sort of things could you research? Things like truck parts?
Yes, truck parts. Lets take a fuel filter. In the current game you're able to buy one for better fuel economy and less chance for rmf. But it's buy-and-go. In my opinion it's a bit easy, you've nothing to look forward to. I want to create levels with corresponding economy and rmf stats in combination with xp and tier. So you're not able to reach level 7 fuel filter while you are Tier 1 and/or have less than X xp.

(06-20-2017 04:59 AM)Norman Wrote:  Personally, I don't really like most of these (particularly the xp protection) because they create a big advantage for the richest, most experienced users and for the sake of the game we want as level a playing field as possible so that new users have a chance to compete. An experienced driver with platinum speeding/fatigue discounts can just drive at top speed and race away from anyone who has to stick to the speed limits, let alone a new driver in a slower truck.
Well, you're right. But i want to do something more with the points earned by driving. I want to give a driver the option to choose what he/she does with the collected points. Use for research or buy a voucher (or something else) for something interesting. Then it takes longer to complete the research of parts. If points are only used for research and everything is researched, then the driver collects points, but they're useless.
Or maybe, at top level, a re-research of X points to keep a truck part at top level inside X weeks before it expires and if a driver is too late drop that part a level down. But i think we're still need something else to provide a choice to a driver, so a driver have to calculate whether he/she has enough points left to keep everything on top level.

(06-20-2017 04:59 AM)Norman Wrote:  This could be good. I think it would be better if the company/driver leaderboards were a bit more prominent and also based more on short term (say monthly, 3 monthly) progress, again to allow newer drivers to compete with older drivers. Ranking highly in such a list could be a source of medals. Of course the all time lists should still be available, with the option to toggle inactive drivers/companies on or off.
I already had the idea to add the leaderboard to the homepage, but for sure it's good to do more with leaderboards.
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